Carlex Mercedes Sprinter brings luxury to vans image

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is truly a beloved van – it’s even a dear for the aftermarket scene where different tuners and body shops use it for every bespoke interpretation anyone has ever thought.

One of the most common though is turning it into a luxury residence – with the touch of a mobile office. Carlex Design, a company well known for treating cars to entirely customized interiors, has decided to have a go at the huge amount of space usually available in a Sprinter. The project has been called the Carlex Design Mercedes Sprinter Jet Van, which is a bit misleading, because the company hasn’t actually touched the technical specifications of the standard Sprinter. There’s an aero body kit and some gold wheels, but that’s just for show – and to reveal this is not your regular hauler.

Carlex Mercedes Sprinter brings luxury to vans 4

Inside, they selected a dark on gold theme, with a mix of leather and Alcantra swathed in black and gray. The accents come as yellow stitching, wood inlay, and straight-up gold – in this case 24-karat gold plating for the cup holders, rim of the minibar and side panel covers. The technology is also up to snuff – two 3D screens – one 40 inches and one 21 inches can deliver images from cameras inside and outside the Sprinter. There are two multimedia stations with 10-inch tablets that will control all the goodies – from air conditioning to window sun shades, LED lighting, 7-way seat adjustments, the audio system, and everything electrical.