Renault-Nissan Alliance CEO Carlos Ghosn, who was on duty presenting some novelties at CES for the company, also got his first autonomous experience in Silicon Valley, California.

His first encounter with the technology of the future occurred on the streets of Sunnyvale in California and the vehicle in question was a self-driving Infiniti Q50 prototype – and it seems the manager had some fun. Apparently, for now you need to undertake some special efforts to… not drive at all. That’s because the sedan itself needs a special California registration for autonomous drive vehicles, and the human behind the wheel – namely Ghosn – needed a special state license to operate it hands-free. The CEO – who is getting paychecks from three directions (Renault, Nissan and now Mitsubishi) – felt comfortable and safe as the car “negotiated the suburban streets, including intersections and dense traffic.”

What It’s Like to “Drive” an Autonomous Drive Car

“We went on both the freeway and city streets; there were times when other drivers cut in on us, but never did we feel threatened,” he explained in a LinkedIn post. “Each time the car anticipated the other car’s move and reacted appropriately.” He also added that “autonomous-drive cars will help older drivers get around safely much further into their senior years” and “they also hold the potential to help ease urban congestion, improve traffic management, and make our roads far safer.”


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