Carlos Ghosn received $8.4 million for CEO duties at Nissan image

Japan’s second largest automaker, Nissan Motor, announced on Tuesday it has compensated chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn in excess of one billion yen over the past business year, a slight increase from the previous fiscal.

Ghosn received a total of 1.035 billion yen ($8.39 million) and is one of the best-paid CEO’s in Japan, after getting 995 million yen for the fiscal year before that, ending in March 2014. Ghosn is also the chief executive officer of Nissan’s alliance partner, France’s Renault SA, from which he received 7.2 million euros ($8.17 million) in 2014. His other function is chairman of the board of Russian partner AvtoVAZ. While receiving a massive compensation by Japanese standards, Ghosn was seriously outperformed by Nikesh Arora, a former Google executive that landed the chief executive position at Japanese telecoms company Softbank Corp last September. Besides being given an undisclosed one-off signing bonus for joining the company, Arora was paid 16.56 billion yen ($135 million) in just around half a year.

On the other hand, Ghosn and Arora are part of the select few in Japan. According to Tokyo Shoko Research, while there are 2,451 listed Japanese companies that submitted their annual securities reports this week, only 77 executives at just 32 companies got more than 100 million yen for their work. Ghosn, 61, is also the largest individual shareholder at the second biggest Japanese automaker, with 3.122 million shares, valued at around $30 million at the current share price.

Via Reuters