Carlos Ghosn sees industry wide recalls mounting image

The chief executive officer of the Renault – Nissan alliance is warning buyers that auto recalls would increase their number as the producers try to address quickly any quality issue to keep owners happy.

The ignition switch debacle surrounding General Motors and the mounting scandal with Takata Corp’s airbag inflators is just the tip of the iceberg, according to Ghosn, as carmakers are now working even harder to keep customers and they would move to swiftly resolve any issues.

“Everybody is particularly focused on the fact that they are fighting so hard to get the consumer for their brand, so they don’t want to lose him for a quality problem,” said Ghosn in a recent interview.

The CEO also added that automakers are now issuing recalls even without hard evidence for minor problems, avoiding the potential embarrassment and skipping the fuss surrounding quality problems. Ghosn has made the comments as president of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association and claims that recalls are now an “industry concern.”

The executive talked about recalls as the situation with General Motors is just cooling down, making way to the Takata airbag inflator recall – which involves many automakers, including his Japanese part of the alliance – Nissan.

Via Bloomberg