Carlsson plays with the 2012 Mercedes SLK: Upgrade kit with power boost image

Here comes the time for summer and so is time for the convertibles to flourish and cover the streets. Accordingly, tuning companies also gear up focusing particularly on this segment and bringing out huge array of upgrade kits for the open-top vehicles. The very recent example of this is from the German aftermarket developer Carlsson who has picked the 2012 Mercedes SLK as a project.

Unsurprisingly, like any other tuning kits, Carlsson has also offered one amazing kit that features both exterior as well as interior of the Mercedes SLK. Besides, the tuning job also includes some performance modifications that complete the package offered by the tuner.

The Carlsson SLK is available with a number of aerodynamic enhancements which comprise of a new front spoiler and a rear apron insert (available each fitting at EUR620), stainless steel grille inserts (available at EUR449) replacing the standard honeycombs, a stainless steel sport exhaust system with oval shaped end pipes that are available at EUR1,298, and a pair of new side sills.

This upgrade package also comprised of a 30 mm lower suspension, custom 18 inch wheels available at EUR1,930 and one of the 3 interior kits that is comprised of seats, headrests, and door panel upholstery. The price starts from EUR3,900. As far as the performance is concerned, the car had received a new generation CGI engine that makes the 2012 Mercedes SLK more aggressive. This engine offers additional 27 to 40 horsepower to the SLK by deploying the C-Tronic control units which is available with a 3-year warranty.

If we consider separately then this upgrade will help the SLK 200 CGI to make an output of either 211 horsepower or 224 horsepower comparing the 184 horsepower produced by its standard version. Also, the SLK 250 CGI successfully produces 231 hp despite its earlier 204 hp. The power upgrades is available at a price from EUR1,190 to EUR1,690.


By Sunita Mandal

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