Carol Shelby dies at 89 image

The creator of the legendary Cobras, Carol Shelby, has passed away on the 11th of May, 2012, at 89 years old in a Dallas hospital.

Carroll Hall Shelby was born on the 11th of January 1923 and he was an automotive designer and racing driver. Carroll Shelby had a huge impact on automotive racing and design for more than 50 years and he is mostly known as the creator of the AC Motors-based Shelby Cobra and later the Mustang-based Mustang Cobra, which he had made since 1965.

“We are all deeply saddened, and feel a tremendous sense of loss for Carroll’s family, ourselves and the entire automotive industry. There has been no one like Carroll Shelby and never will be. However, we promise Carroll we would carry on, and he put the team, the products and the vision in place to do just that”, said the president of Carol Shelby International Inc. and board member, Joe Conway.

Carroll Shelby’s company, Shelby American Inc., was founded back in 1962 and it’s currently selling modified Ford vehicles, along with performance parts and he was a world class automobile racing driver in the 1950’s. After starting as amateur, he became a driver for teams like Aston Martin, Cad-Allard or Maserati, and while he drove for Aston Martin, he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959. Carroll Shelby is survived by his wife, his three children, his six grandchildren and his four great grandchildren. Rest in Peace!

  • Patrick

    Carol worked and lived in a industry that he truly loved! He will be missed for a very long time. RIP!