Carroll Shelby to finally be buried as dispute ends image

Legendary car designer Carroll Shelby, who was in the morgue since his death May 10 will be finally buried , thanks to a settlement between his three children and wife.

His three children say their father signed a document giving them permission to have his body cremated, though his last wife, Cleo, said the document was a forgery.
However, looks like Shelby will be cremated as he requested prior to his death.

Cleo Shelby will get 20 percent of his remains. Each of his three children will also get 20 percent and the last 20 percent will be buried in his parents’ family plot in Leesburg, Texas.

Shelby, who grew up in East Texas and attended Woodrow Wilson High School, won three U.S. sports-car championships in the 1950s and was the first American to drive for a European factory team in Formula One competition.

Shelby was the force behind the legendary Shelby Cobra sports car, as well as versions of Ford’s Mustang and Chrysler’s Viper.

When he died at age 89, Shelby also was one of the nation’s longest-living heart transplant recipients.