Cars 3 coming out with new “characters” image

Disney and Pixar have already amassed a huge following to their third installment in the Cars franchise because of the grittier tone for the teaser trailer released late in 2016.

It appears the sequel is trying to eschew the tone set up by the critically panned Cars 2 in favor of a darker tone – and now we’re able to present a few more details about the upcoming release. Most importantly, the franchise will introduce a couple of new characters. First we have Jackson Storm, which as per Cars 3 movie director Brian Fee is going to shape up as the main villain. Armie Hammer lends his voice and his character is a 2017 custom-built “Next-gen” Piston Cup Racer with a carbon fiber and metal composite body and a V8-beating heart worth 850 hp. Nought to sixty is done in 3.6 seconds and top speed stands at no less than 214 mph.


Jackson Storm was actually in the teaser overtaking Lightning McQueen and according to Fee he “was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Everything comes easy to him, and everything about him says he’s faster, so much so that we’ve designed him so that even when he’s standing next to McQueen, McQueen looks old.” The other character is Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cristela Alonzo and shaped as a 2017 CRS Sports Coupe – she will be McQueen’s trainer, and has been described s being “optimistic, sunny, fierce, and friendly.”

Via Entertainment Weekly