Cars are getting smarter than ever image

With the advent of the automated vehicles and connected cars that can talk to each other and the surroundings, there’s a normal transition period – in which cars are getting at least just as smart as our smartphones.

For example, within two years, Jaguar predicts its cars would be able to know it’s you in the driver’s seat (and not a family member or stranger) and pre-heat your seat when there’s a cold rainy day or even prompt you about incoming anniversaries. It’s all part of the Smart Assistant project that wants to attract the growing segment of potential clients that skip owning a car because they’re more interested in their smartphones and live in cities where public transport and car-sharing makes a viable alternative.

“There’s now an understanding that more technology not only makes the car more autonomous but also safer,” says Christian Rauch, managing director at Frankfurt-based consulting company Zukunftsinstitut GmbH.

“The car of the future will be much more than a mode of transport,” thinks Stuttgart, Germany-based Mercedes-Benz. It mulls to become “an intelligent, automobile companion that recognizes the driver’s and passengers’ wishes, moods and preferences.”

While many owners complain in surveys around the globe that the new infotainment systems are a nuisance on their own – being hard to accustom to and plagued with reliability issues, the automakers push ever deeper integration between technology and our cars. Even smartphone operating systems, such as Apple and Google push such integration through the former’s CarPlay and the latter’s Andoir Auto systems, respectively.

Via Bloomberg