Caterham and Alpine are getting ready to launch a new model in 2016, which will be named the C120.

The first model created by Caterham and Alpine will see daylight, in an official way, in 2016. The announcement hasn’t been made by any of the companies just yet but according to the guys at Autocar, who are quoting some official source, the vehicle in question will come to life as part of the partnership signed back in 2012, by Alpine and Caterham, which also includes, besides the relaunch of the Alpine brand, a new vehicle for each company.

Autocar says that, unlike Toyota and Subaru, which shook their hands on the GT86 and BRZ, the two models which will be created by Caterham and Alpine will get major changes on their exterior designs and in the cabins. According to our source, the C120 model will wear the Caterham badges all over its body and it should get 250 HP, at first, but later on, a new engine will push its output to 300 HP. The unit hasn’t been put into production just yet but it will be made by Renault. More details on the C120 are limited for the moment.


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