Caterham Prepares New Crossover SUV and Subcompact Model for 2016 image

Caterham will launch a subcompact model and a crossover SUV in 2016 for the Asian market.

The British automaker will manufacture the vehicles in partnership with Renault, in a similar way as their current joint-venture project. The subcompact model and the crossover SUV are aimed for the Asian market and its part of the company’s attempt to re-brand Caterham as a global car maker. The vehicles are expected to be partially built at the jointly owned plant in Dieppe and then shipped to Asia to be fully assembled.

“Sports cars will do well, but the city car and the SUV are what the (Asian) market really wants. If we get the SUV right it will be huge,” said Caterham owner Tony Fernandes.

Caterham’ jointly created vehicle with Renault Alpine, will hit the market in 2014 and is expected to cost around £35,000. The model is aimed at the Malaysian market and production will be limited to 3,000 units annually. Alpine has also announced that its model from the JV will go on sale in 2016 and will cost £50,000.

“This is a project for the Caterham brand based on a Renault platform and destined for Asian markets,” Renault’s spokeswoman said. “There is currently no plan to extend it to Alpine.”