Caterham to build „tens of thousands” of cars a year by 2020 image

UK-based race and technology group Caterham targets annual production of „tens of thousands” of own-brand cars by 2020, its CEO said.

A month ago, Caterham signed a joint venture deal with Renault to build together a sports car. Caterham is owned by Malaysian airline billionaire Tony Fernandes, who has high ambitions for the company. The Caterham and Renault sports cars will be near-identical under the skin, but each partner will adopt its own styling.

Caterham CEO and former F1 team boss Mike Gascoyne told Autocar that the UK-based carmaker is using a combination of its own designers and “a well known UK design house” for the task. According to Gascoyne, the new coupe will be influenced by the Seven to create a family look.

Joint venture work aside, Caterham is also planning a range of “fun-related” cars, of which not all will be sports cars.

“Anyone can see that a company making nothing but two-seaters can’t hope to be very successful at present. Our cars will have other body styles. Our plan is to use Tony Fernandes’ contacts in Asia to sell cars into a specialist market that is expanding fast,” Gascoyne told Autocar. One possibility would be to launch a range of sporty SUVs.