CAW-Chrysler Negotiations Make No Progress image

The CAW-Chrysler negotiations made little progress, contrary of what the union was expecting on Tuesday evening.

“If they are not interested in a pattern, I would make an assumption that they would have probably told us by now. … I mean, if they know they can’t get there, why wouldn’t they tell us that?” said Dino Chiodo, chairman of Chrysler’s bargaining committee and president of CAW Local 444.

The union has already accepted the deals offered by GM and Ford, according to which Gm will create or maintain 1,750 jobs in Canada and invest $675 million in its plants here. Employees will be offered a $3,000 ratification bonus and $2,000 cost-of-living bonuses in the following three years and a suspended cost-of-living adjustment payment will be reintroduced in 2016. Ford’s deal is similar with that reached by GM.

On Monday the CAW announced that it might take 4-5 days until an agreement with Chrysler will be reached. The automaker cannot present a formal economic proposal as it waits several sub-committees to solve several issues affecting costs. Chrysler has previously expressed its opinion that manufacturing costs in Canada are too high and that the deals reached with Ford and GM are too expensive. Ford was the one which set the pattern bargaining, which is a union strategy for all automakers to get the same cost advantage.