The CAW announced that it might take 4-5 days to reach a deal with Chrysler, as the automaker believes that the agreements reached with GM and Ford are too expensive.

After the low-level discussions during the weekend didn’t end with a deal, Chrysler is now the only Detroit Three automaker which doesn’t have a labor agreement. Last week the CAW, Ford and GM finished negotiations of the four-year deals.

“They know that nobody’s next,” CAW President Ken Lewenza said in an interview with Reuters. “I’d be really disappointed if we didn’t get this done in four or five days max.”

Chrysler cannot present a formal economic proposal as it waits several sub-committees to solve several issues affecting costs. The automaker has previously expressed its opinion that manufacturing costs in Canada are too high and that the deals reached with Ford and GM are too expensive. Ford was the one which set the pattern bargaining, which is a union strategy for all automakers to get the same cost advantage.

“Chrysler’s indicated that some of the financial elements, the compensation package, is a little steep for them, but there’s ways of working around that and spreading it out, as long as at the end of the day it amounts to the same thing,” Lewenza said.


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