CAW Finally Reaches Tentative Deal With Chrysler image

The CAW union said it has reached a tentative four-year agreement with Chrysler, the last of the Detroit Three without a new deal.

CAW National President Ken Lewenza said that the tentative agreement is similar with the ones reached with Ford and GM, despite the fact that Chrysler wasn’t willing to follow that pattern.

“We achieved the entire pattern, intact,” Lewenza said at a late news conference in Toronto.

The only thing different from the other two contracts is the fact that Chrysler didn’t promise any new products for the Canadian plants. Ford was the one which set the pattern bargaining, which is a union strategy for all automakers to get the same cost advantage and not compete by lowering wages.

Chrysler was the only one who said that the Canadian labor costs are too high and that they must match those of the United Auto Workers in the US and criticized the union for setting the pattern deal with Ford which has severely reduced its Canadian operations in the past years.

“We’re pleased to have reached an agreement, and we’re looking forward to the ratification process,” Al Iacobelli, Chrysler’s vice president of employee relations, told reporters.