CAW Ratified Ford’s Labor Agreement image

The CAW announced on Sunday, September 23rd, that it has voted in favor of the Ford’s four-year labor agreement.

Around 82% of the workers have voted in favor of the first deal reached by CAW with one of the Detroit Three companies, which was also an example followed by GM and Chrysler.

“Our members at Ford recognize that, in these uncertain economic times, some of the most important elements of a new collective agreement are future investment and improved job security,” CAW national president Ken Lewenza said in a statement.

He also added that the new deal offers them an assurance that their plants have a secure future ahead in the North American auto industry. Despite the fact that talks were tough an agreement was finally reached and Ford declared that it ‘remains committed to building a strong future in Canada.’

Some of the agreement terms include lump-sum bonuses for employees, but the elimination of the cost-of-living adjustment for the first 3 years until June 2016. New workers will take longer to reach the highest end of the pay scale and they will also start with a lower salary and have a hybrid pension plan.