Celebrity Manu Feildel Fined for Driving Illegally image

Manu Feildel, the My Kitchen Rules star, has been fined for driving illegally in Sydney.

A police spokewoman confirmed the report published by The Daily Telegraph, according to which celebrity chef Manu Feildel has received a $762 fine for driving in Sydney unaccompanied as a learner driver.

“It came to our attention after it went through the media, as such we’ve investigated and issued a ticket,” she said.

The Daily Telegraph spied Feildel driving in Edgecliff and Double Bay in his silver Koleos 4WD fitted with the L plates, offering the police enough information and proof to issue the ticket. The magazine spotted Feildel after he returned to his Woollahra home from a driving lesson with a female friend. About 10 minutes later he was seen leaving his house and driving alone to Edgecliff Post Office and then to Double Bay Hardware. When the newspaper confronted him about his learner driver status, he decided that it would be wiser to take a cab back home.

“No excuses. I take full responsibility for my silly actions and I will accept whatever punishment that may be handed down to me,” he said after receiving the ticket.