CEO Fields to continue implementation of One Ford masterplan image

Although he’s still very young by today’s automotive CEO standards, thanks to his extensive experience in difficult management roles during his 25-year stint at Ford, company veteran Mark Fields became the new chief executive on July 1.

Fields had been groomed to be Alan Mulally’s eventual successor for years and it was just a matter of becoming official, especially since in December 2012 he was promoted to chief operating officer – the job was not awarded easily, but Fields came after a huge success: he led the carmaker’s crucial North American division from huge losses to record earnings.And before that all of his positions brought numerous successes for the US carmaker.

Now, a few months after settling in, he is faced with enormous tasks: ensure a smooth changeover for the revolutionary aluminum intensive 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck, secure profits for the loss-making European unit and oversee a deep change in the automotive structure as autonomous cars seem the logical next step in evolution.

According to Fields, he’s got four main priorities: continue and press harder with the One Ford strategy. Next is built a production excellence that intertwines efficiency with passion. Third is driving innovation across all Ford’s business and last, but not least, continue their focus on operational execution.

Via Automotive News Europe