CES 2011 – Audi Next MMI unveiled image

After Ford unveiled MyFord APP at CES, next was Audi turn to unveil the next generation MMI, which will debut on the next generation A3, likely to arrive within the next two years.

Based on NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset, same chip that powers a range of tablets and netbooks, next generation MMI will provide lovely rendering of Google Earth, in 3D no less, and of course a responsive performance. Also, as you can see the system uses a larger scroll wheel.

The main reason for this is because Audi is incorporating the much-lauded MMI Touch interface directly into the scroll wheel.

Of course all the existing features will exist on the new MMI, but will also handle scrolling and possibly gestures for panning, zooming and other functions. If you’ve used an iPhone, iPad or MacBook touchpad, you’ll be right at home.

Source: Autoblog.com