Audi and Nvidia’s new Q7 deep learning concept should be taken as a preview of the upcoming future of mobility when autonomous Audi models will become the norm.

The Ingolstadt-based automaker is again moving forward its Piloted Driving concepts with the introduction of an all-new prototype – the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas being the perfect venue for the introduction of the smarter self-driving tech. The model sets its self apart from the older ones via the highly advanced artificial intelligence developed in partnership with Nvidia. To showcase its AI capabilities, the vehicle worked autonomously without human input on a specially designed open area. A front-mounted camera with two megapixel resolution scanned the road ahead and sent the info to Nvidia’s processing unit, which was in charge of Q7’s steering.


To get as good as it got, initially the Q7 deep learning concept had more training cameras at first, got itself acquainted with the route and its surroundings and observed as the vehicle was controlled by a human. With each demonstration the Q7 learned even more and was able to decided on its own according to the situation – Audi considers artificial intelligence to be pivotal in the development of piloted driving technologies and partnered with Nvidia to speed up the process. The first instance of the collaboration in the real world will become available later this year when Audi launches the new generation A8, which has Audi’s new MIB2+ (Modular Infotainment Platform) powered by Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor.


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