Besides the very interesting autonomous i BMW also brought the i3 Extended Rearview Mirror and i8 Mirrorless technology demonstrators.

Going with the flagship i8 Mirrorless concept, we have here a regular i8 plug-in hybrid sports car with the side exterior mirrors swapped with two rearview cameras fitted to aerodynamically optimized holders. The concept actually employs three cameras as the last one has been fitted on the upper edge of the rear windscreen. The combo enables larger viewing angles and eliminates dangerous “blind spots” while also making the traditional rearview mirror concept obsolete. All the images from the three camera system will be combined to form a single image presented on the high-res display that sits in place of the traditional interior rearview mirror. According to the automaker, the image is actually delivering a wider viewing angle than the one coming from the three setup of traditional exterior and interior mirrors. The digital setup also allows the system to deliver warning messages when needed – for example the lane changing system will have its warnings located here.

Moving on to the second concept, the i3 Extended Rearview Mirror is a toned down version of the one found in the i8 and features a cross between mirror and camera high-tech: the cabin mirror view is switched with the one provided by the one delivered by a camera sitting on the roof for an added extensions to the regular field of view.


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