CES: BMW i Inside Future is a sculpture that premieres the HoloActive Touch image

We already knew that BMW was preparing the introduction of the BMW HoloActive Touch holographic interface at the Consumer Electronics Show but we didn’t know it was doing it in style.

Rather than presenting a bleak setup they decided to showcase their major presence (which includes the autonomous 5 Series) with the i Inside Future sculpture concept. The avant-garde showcase can scarcely be called a vehicle(!) even though it features what we may call stylized wheels. Anyways, it’s just a spectacular excuse to emphasize the BMW HoloActive Touch holographic interface for controlling navigation, infotainment, and communications. BMW says this is a sculpture of the future of autonomous mobility – with the designers paying bespoke attention to the interior, while the exterior is as futuristic as it gets. The BMW kidney grille is just an outline now and skinny wheels replace the tires while the rear is adorned with LEDs.


There are no doors so we can see the interior focused on the HoloActive Touch – what could very well be the next evolution of gesture control. Users at the front can interact with a full-color floating display on the center console. There’s a camera watching the fingertips and after an input an ultrasonic source directs a pulse that is translated by the person as a vibration. BMW says the advantage is the user doesn’t have to move forward to use it and it will fade out of view when not in use. This is also an autonomous vehicle, so the design emphasizes connectivity and comfort. The dashboard display occupies the entire front view of the cabin and there’s also the BMW Sound Curtain that can stream music or audio to each person without anyone else hearing it – or the back occupants can fold down a widescreen display from the headliner.