The Bavarian automaker has recently unveiled an all-new, self-driving 5 Series at the Consumer Electronics Show – labeled as a prototype – but looking decidedly ready for series production.

BMW has already outlined plans to have a fully electrified lineup by 2020 and an autonomous car on the road in 2021 – so we’re looking at one stage of the plan. The 5 Series prototype uses its onboard computer to cross-check the vehicle’s position and surroundings via a digital map – so it has incredibly accurate lane-keeping abilities. The driver can even notify the vehicle of upcoming appointments and events, so the vehicle will calculate the optimal route and then suggest when to live according to the traffic and road conditions. Al the info is directed through and controlled using an Open Mobility Cloud service, serving as the intelligent data management system.


Using the “Passenger” mode (meaning autonomous), in-car entertainment network features become available – with access to apps like Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Now, seamlessly integrated to their smartphones or tablets. For example, when acquiring a video the car will automatically dim the lights and close the rear sunshades. If something gets purchased, the owner can select a pickup point along the vehicle’s route. There’s also the Robot Valet Parking service – a fully-autonomous procedure that allows the driver to simply exit the car and send it to find a spot and then recall it via the application.


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