CES: BMW unleashes the i Vision Future Interaction concept image

The world’s largest luxury automaker, Germany’s BMW, has taken to the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to deliver its latest prototype – the new i Vision Future Interaction.

If the form feels very familiar it’s because the i Vision Future Interaction concept is based off the yet to be released in production form i8 Spyder concept, albeit with a “highly automated” roadster twist – the cabin has been redressed in even more high-tech elements to make the autonomous driving look snatched from the future. The most striking new cabin feature will be the inclusion of a 21-inch panorama display sitting in the dashboard in front of the passenger. If the concept is engaged in autonomous mode driving, the screen will act as the massive source of entertainment and will provide access to the internet and other functions – such as e-mail reading or video watching. The driver is also treated to a new instrument cluster with a three-dimensional screen – which can even provide info about what lies ahead even before it appears in the driver’s field of view.

Also worth noticing is the new AirTouch gesture control system which allows user interaction with the panorama screen without needing to physically touch it – thanks to advanced sensors and hand movement interpretation. BMW also added a bespoke drive selector mode: Pure Drive for the classic driving experience, Assist will be there to intervene in an active model if a crash becomes impending and the Auto – which is pretty obvious the fully autonomous function. The latter will make the steering shine in blue and it will move towards the dash for additional driver space – while the sports seat adjusted to a different setting that enables a better view of the panorama display.