CES: BMW’s Connected Window is another digital life aid image

The automaker decided it was time its tech-savvy mobility systems went out of the car and into the homes of the owners – presenting the Connected Window at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

This is a huge display panel that represents another way for people to see their daily life – including appointments, the weather, and even shopping destinations when using the company’s Connected service. At CES the automaker decided to demonstrate a person’s daily routine – the Connected Window greets the owner at the start of day and will show upcoming appointments on a vertical timeline. Gesture recognition lets the user expand anything for more information. The system will also plot a route for the drive through all the scheduled stops, including taking advantage of real-time traffic data.


The Connected Window can seamlessly integrate information from the smartphone, wearable computer, tablet, and other devices. It can also send the information directly to the navigation system of an owner’s BMW. There might be some concerns over granting access to personal information to an automaker’s cloud-based network but BMW is confident that digitalization is a new trend that will secure lots of future buyers looking for this level of deep connectivity.