CES: Bosch also has its own concept for the car of the future image

The Consumer Electronics Show is also a place where suppliers can shine – and even present their own visions of the future of mobility, like Bosch did.

The world’s largest automotive supplier decided to demonstrate at CES an advanced concept car featuring voice control technology that can handle casual conversation – allowing passengers to control the vehicle’s functions in a more natural manner. The vehicle’s human machine interface (HMI) understands more words and sentences than a regular voice recognition system and isn’t limited to specific command terms. “You can ask your car to shut the windows at home or even show you a recipe for dinner tonight,” commented Janine Schlink, one of the concept’s leading designers.

The HMI also connects to the car’s autonomous drive systems, and can inform the owner of critical aspects such as when manual drive mode needs to resume. Passengers will also be able to control things such as lighting and cooking appliances in their home, as well as monitor certain aspects – such as the level of food in the fridge. The Bosch CES concept also includes car-to-car and car-to-bicycle communication technology, as well as gesture control functionality or organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays – which include a haptic feedback touchscreen.