CES: Bosch delivers technology demonstrator concept image

While entire prototypes used to highlight a supplier’s new technology are not entirely new, this kind of effort is usually reserved for a fully fledged automotive show.

But this time around Germany’s Bosch decided the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has gained enough automotive weight to justify the budget spent on an entirely new concept – which has been used to highlight the company’s new all-digital dashboard. We’re looking now how the traditional instrument cluster dials and center stack buttons will be relics of the automotive past as more and more automakers and suppliers are going for the digital screen layout – just think about Mercedes’ much hyped E Class interior. The latest forward thinking example is here from Bosch and comes in the more appealing form of a two-seater speedster with the dashboard morphed into an entire digital display.

Bosch proposes the digital solution as a way of lowering driver distraction – as much more information and functions are readily available to the driver. The intelligent screens are also automatically adapting their information to reflect the vehicle’s surroundings. The concept car is also packing autonomous driving technology and can even automatically go for the next navigation position depending on the user’s appointments.

The German supplier has also received a CES 2016 Innovation Award for the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category for the new touchscreen technology – which can deliver tactile feedback by changing the surface textures for the driver to experience smooth, rough, and patterned surfaces that would help him find different functions and buttons.