A few companies – such as BMW or Bosch – are reimagining the entire automotive cabin of the future at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, but Bose has decided to focus on a single aspect – and it has nothing to do with its usual area of expertise.

We all know Bose for its premium sound systems – and yes we also know Bose for its automotive involvement in that respective area. But the company decided to arrive at this year’s edition of CES with the perfect seat for the next-generation of vehicles. It’s called Bose Ride and is a seat designed with a suspension that should deliver a silky smooth ride when travelling in an autonomous vehicle. The Bose Ride seat has an internal mechanism that will minimize an occupant’s movement, filter out road vibrations and other unwanted motion and the company claims they will best work in an autonomous vehicle.


The system shown at CES is actually not the first time the Bose Ride has appeared, it’s actually the latest version – the first time they showed the Bose Ride was back in 2010 and it was a single-axis solution for heavy-duty trucks. Bose now has multi-axis control for the seat and wants to push the Bose Ride for use in passenger cars. Of course, the idea would not bode well with sports car enthusiasts and would certainly be directed towards luxury vehicles, possibly making a future autonomous Bentley or Rolls-Royce even more comfortable.


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