CES: Harman sets up first ever live car hack image

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Las Vegas and numerous companies are presenting automotive-related novelties, including technology company Harman.

But the firm is also delivering a world first – the live hacking attempt against a car, which serves as a live demonstration of its anti-hacking software. This seems to be an industry firm as far as automotive technology security is concerned, and goes to demonstrate the live car hack and subsequent solution – with the company also claiming the new software can actually be implemented and retrofitted without actually bringing any hardware changes. It also acts as a move to alleviate the increasing concerns surrounding the car industry’s move towards connected autos – as vehicles are now preparing for numerous “online” functions, from vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communication as well as remote access functions.

“A few years ago the concept of automotive cyber security was largely confined to industry experts. Now it’s a topic that consumers are asking about. According to a recent survey, in some countries as many as 59 per cent of buyers are actively concerned about the prospect of car hacking,” commented Asaf Atzmon, Harman’s director of business and marketing for automotive cyber security. The cybersecurity and management solution is designed to start a hacker mode in the car that will then fight against third party attacks.