CES: Navdy is the head-up display with gesture control working with older cars image

With a rather steep price of $799, anyone can enjoy the benefits of modern features no matter the age of the owner’s car, thanks to the smart and portable head-up display.

In a nutshell, Navdy’s device helps any car – no matter how old – access 21st-century technology. Navdy’s small black box will sit atop your car dashboard, and uses a transparent panel onto which driving information is projected. Like head-up displays, it will project “hovering” information that allows the driver to keep its eyes on the road. The main Navdy projector plugs into the car’s OBD-II port for power and for information like fuel level, speed, and engine RPM. It will also pair with the owner’s smartphone via Bluetooth for navigation, music-player control, calling, and other notifications.


A small scroll wheel is attached to the steering wheel but there’s also gesture control. Navdy worked hard to miniaturize all the lights, lenses, and different parts needed for the bright, clear head-up display that also doesn’t use polarized light. While none of the features are new or revolutionary – the idea is that you get them all in one device and are especially available in virtually any car with an OBD-II port.