CES: Toyota Concept-i uses artificial intelligence to grow smarter image

Mobility is an ongoing theme at CES in the past few years – which is why automakers are today just as keen to present novelties as technology companies.

And Toyota’s new Concept-i is arguably one of the most advanced vehicles at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, thanks to its advanced, artificial intelligence system that can learn and grow alongside the driver. It was penned by Toyota’s Calty Design Research center in Newport Beach, California, and comes with a spectacularly futuristic exterior design that is actually just one part of a very advanced automotive platform. It’s an autonomous vehicle, of course, and one equipped with a powerful artificial intelligence interface branded as “Yui” which acts as a connection between the car and the owner – which gradually learns things like driving patterns, schedules, frequent stops, and more.


Safety is paramount here as well – features include visual and haptic stimuli that monitor activity even when in autonomous mode. In addition, the advanced interface system is located on the dash but eschews the regular touchscreen setup for something more minimalistic. The “visual representation” of the AI system will initially deliver critical information to drivers and passengers and makes use of light, sound, and even touch to interact with the persons in the cabin. There are no screens and information is provided where and only when is needed – and even the exterior is interactive: the door panels greet the driver and passengers, while the rear displays text and signals to communicate any upcoming hazards.