CES: Toyota Unveils Futuristic Vehicle Based on a Lexus LS image

Toyota was also present at the at the 2013 International CES electronics show, where together with its Lexus unit presented several vehicle safety technologies.

“In our pursuit of developing more advanced automated technologies, we believe the driver must be fully engaged, ” said Mark Templin, Toyota group vice president and general manger of the Lexus Division. “We must combine the judgment of humans with the precision of machines — and that takes time.”

Toyota believes that the self-driving functions have to be introduced step by step in order to win governments’ and society’s trust that vehicles can perform automated tasks without any danger. Currently vehicles can perform simple tasks such as staying in the lane, following traffic and parking.

At the show, Toyota unveiled a futuristic vehicle, based on a Lexus LS, which can scan movement of objects around it and even make the difference between a green and a red light. The vehicle’s roof is provided with a 360-degree LIDAR laser which is able to detect objects around the car up to almost 75 yards and the high-definition color cameras can detect traffic lights, approaching vehicles and objects at almost 165 yards. The vehicle can also measure the speed and location of the objects thanks to the radar placed on the front and sides.