Charlize Theron is going to be the gorgeous villain in “Fast 8” image

With the raspy voice of Vin Diesel and the charms of regretted actor Paul Walker the Fast and Furious franchise would still have had a timely demise after the first two sequels.

But the car-themed and action packed franchise somehow managed to reinvent itself along the way and has kept growing in popularity – one of the main advantages being the addition of popular stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Jason Statham. Now the latest official info coming from the producers via a nightly Twitter post is inclusive of the release date of the movie – set for April 14, 2017. But more importantly is that one of the villains in the franchise will be played by none other than Furiosa Charlize Theron. If you thought the astonishing South African actress isn’t fit for powerful action roles then 2015’s greatest action flick Mad Max: Fury Road may have turned you around – but you should also visit or revisit 2003’s Monster (Academy Award, villain duty) and 2005 Aeon Flux.

We already know she’s not the only baddie in the movie – Jason Statham is set to reprise his role as Deckard Shaw – and other important information is the setting is back home in America, with New York City at the center, while director duties have been relegated to F. Gary Gray. By the way, Theron and Gray also worked together on another car-centric flick – the 2003 remake of The Italian Job. And yes, with the ninth and tenth installments already set for April 19, 2019 and April 2, 2012 – we’re rooting for Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark for connoisseurs) to make an appearance.