Check out the rumble: Koenigsegg One:1 exhaust startup  sounds great image

Koenigsegg is among those small manufacturers who manage to survive in the supercar stratosphere. And we – as petrol heads – are thoroughly delighted of its continued existence and great machines.

The One:1 is their latest ultimate supercar – called in the unusual way because of its exact power to weight ratio. Take that Lamborghini or Bugatti. The car is equipped with the usual Swedish 5.0-liter aluminum engine – which has been for the cause tuned to develop a Veyron killing 1, 341 hp and 1, 371 Nm of torque (1, 011 lb-ft).

We are eagerly awaiting some drag races with the model, which – although the company stated it’s track focused, could, according to computer simulations, become the latest holder of the fastest homologated production car, reaching around 440 km/h (273.4 mph).

Before that, the beautiful machinery shows us how it makes its presence noticed, thanks to a video displaying the rumble it makes when using the 3D printed titanium exhaust end piece.