Check out ZF’s in-house developed car image

It may be small and “green” but it has a giant behind it. This is ZF’s Smart Urban Vehicle Concept.

ZF is known for producing the best transmissions out there so the company pulling the wraps off its very own vehicle, which has been developed entirely in-house, has taken a lot of people by surprise. The model in question has been called the ZF Smart Urban Vehicle Concept and it is coming with a lot of technology which is promising to make it highly maneuverable and extremely efficient.

“With the Smart Urban Vehicle, ZF is demonstrating the kinds of specific solutions that are already feasible for urban individual transport by networking existing technologies and systems in the vehicle, having these functions interact with the driver, with the driver’s behavior, and with the environment, or by accessing data which can be provided anywhere thanks to cloud connectivity”, said Stefan Sommer, the ZF chief executive officer.

The new ZF concept is packed with the Smart Parking Assist system, allowing it to park itself perpendicular or parallel automatically thanks to the 2 infrared sensors and the 12 ultrasound sensors. It also has the PreVision Cloud Assist which is uploading its route to the cloud and we should also mention the steering angle, which is up to 75 degrees as you can see in the small photo gallery posted below. Under its hood we can find two electric motors, each producing a total output of 54 HP (40 kW), allowing the concept to reach 150 km/h (93 mph) in top speed. No more details on it have been announced so far but don’t act too surprised if you will see it as a production model over the next few years.