Chery looking to rock Frankfurt with European car image

Chinese automakers looking to expand overseas into Europe – where did we hear that one? Now Chinese carmaker Chery is looking to break the legend of never fulfillment with its first ever all-new model for the European market.

So far the maker has decided to provide us with a teaser for the upcoming reveal set to take place during the live press days of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and we’re seeing here a new compact SUV that will actually arrive first as a pre-production prototype before moving to series production “within the next few years.” But just like Geely is doing with Lynk&Co., Chery too is looking to market the new model under an “all-new nameplate,” with the brand taking cues from the Chery design and R&D center in order to adapt the local Chinese products for future possible deployment across overseas markets.

Chery looking to rock Frankfurt with European car 2

The vehicle is going to feature an all-new platform, and eventually when the model range expands they will encompass electrified powertrains, including hybrid electric, plug-in electric and full battery-electric EVs. According to Chery CEO Dr. Anning Chen, the new family is going to reach “European markets across multiple segments,” with the compact SUV to be revealed in Frankfurt looking for “young, urban, progressive-minded customers”.