Chery’s exports rose 80 percent through November image

Chinese automaker Chery Automobile reported a 79.7 percent growth in overseas sales in the first 11 months of the year, a new record for the company.

The privately-owned manufacturer sold 149,462 cars overseas in the January-November period, according to Chery’s spokesman Jin Gebo quoted by China Daily. With one month to go in 2011, it is already the highest annual figure in company’s 15-year history. Since 2003, Chery has been the most exported Chinese car brand.

In November, Chery’s global sales reached 55,616 units, reinforcing its position as the best-selling Chinese brand. Of the total November sales, 13,906 units were shipped overseas. Strong sales helped Chery meet its annual overseas sales target of 120,000 units in just nine months and to offset the slowing growth on the domestic market.

Chery opened a plant in Venezuela in August this year and should start production in September 2013 at another plant currently under construction in Brazil. To further boost its exports, Chery has also announced plans to build assembly plants in Myanmar and in major African countries. Currently Chery has production sites in 16 countries and has diversified its product lineup in order to attract more customers.