General Motors is facing odd times – it’s under heavy scrutiny and public panning for the mishandling of a deadly recall – but also enjoys a steady rise in customer satisfaction.

The US automaker was the only one to have two of its brands advancing the ranks in a widely important customer satisfaction research. In the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index, both GM’s Buick and Chevrolet climbed, while the overall score for cars and light trucks actually dipped 1.2% to a five-year low.

“A considerable investment in Buick appears to be paying off for General Motors, ” said Claes Fornell, the study’s author. “Sales are up 12.5 percent for the first half of the year — the largest increase of any GM car — led by a surge in sales of the Buick Encore.” He also noted “the dip in customer satisfaction mirrors sluggish industry growth.”

General Motors moved past Ford on the overall rankings, with Buick rising 1% to get the same score as Toyota and Honda. Meanwhile, Chevrolet gained 4% and passed ahead of the Ford, Nissan, Chrysler and Hyundai brands. On the other hand, the top rankings were dominated by Asian and European brands – with six of the top seven carmakers. Mercedes-Benz was once again the leader (although it had a drop of 2%), followed by Subaru and Lexus. Buick, with a score of 83 was the only American brand placed above the industry average score of 82 (maximum is 100 points).

Via Bloomberg


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