Chevrolet Bolt has bespoke architecture, GM doesn’t reveal name image

Since the Chevrolet Bolt EV is a model that hasn’t been based off any existing nameplate in the brand’s lineup, it’s rather obvious it could deploy a unique platform.

But having official confirmation that is the case signals General Motors’ commitment to its electric plans – it’s a move very much in the vein of BMW’s completely different platforms for the i subbrand, and we’re seeing here parallels with the i3 city car. That being said, we now know GM has invested lots to give the all-new electric hatchback its own bespoke platform, but the company has decided to play mysterious and not reveal its name. GM’s senior manager, Kevin Kelly, has so far talked to media about the issue and said that initially the Bolt had decided to deploy the classic Gamma architecture, but as development progressed the engineers managed to make the platform entirely new – without any components from GM’s Gamma small-car architecture. The automaker is also adding there’s no connection with the Chevy Spark city car, and it’s also unwilling to share any of its secrets, including the codename.

The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt has been recently priced at $37,495 and if the customer manages to take advantage of the full federal tax credit the price will go down to $29,995. The Bolt has also been rated by the EPA with a good mileage – 238 miles on a single charge – and across media initial test drives have shown the value to actually be conservative.