Automakers are all calling for the revolution of the green automobile but somehow it seems their buyers haven’t heard the news just yet – as some are virtually oblivious to them.

General Motors has for example promised to slowly roll out the new Chevrolet Bolt – the first available “affordable” electric car with a long range – to all fifty states in the United States. But according to a new release schedule GM announced this week, only early adopters from 19 states will get the model at dealerships before the end of the year. This is because GM has gauged interest in the model and set forth the buying process only in places where there’s enough positive feedback – such as California and Oregon, where buyers can get the 238-mile EV right now.

The next to get it are buyers from Massachusetts, Maryland, and Virginia, with first deliveries in February. New Jersey and New York come in March, Washington follows in April and six more in May: Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Colorado. Illinois, Florida, Arizona, and Pennsylvania get the July timeline, followed by Texas in August. “This roll-out schedule takes into account a myriad of factors and we’re excited to get the Bolt EV into the hands of interested customers as soon as possible,” comments Chevrolet’s Fred Ligouri.



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