Chevrolet commences Bolt production, first deliveries coming before year’s end image

The company has decided to place a huge bet on the market – delivering its first fully electric, affordable and long-range model on the market in a matter of weeks.

The Chevrolet Bolt – alongside other models set to appear in the coming years – might be paving the way towards electric motoring for the masses because it has an affordable price tag and a 238-mile (383-kilometer) range on a full battery. The hatchback’s assembly has just kicked off in Michigan, with the company most likely en route to completing its task of delivering the model at dealerships before the end of the year.


The company decided to put the Bolt on a scalable assembly line – the same one that takes care of manufacturing for the Sonic hatchback and sedan at the Orion Assembly Plant. The Chevrolet Bolt has the advantage of being the first vehicle in the new generation of mass-market, affordable electric vehicles, with prices kicking off at $37,495 ahead of any incentive – so tax rebates could see buyers shell out just $29,995. There’s also a more upscale Premium trim which packs amenities such as leather seats, a 360-degree camera system, and a rear camera display.