As Tesla’s electric rival is getting ready to enter into production this year, some analysts predict a solid demand in its first year of sales.

The “electric” auto world is currently under the spell of the newly showcased affordable Model 3, as Tesla received more than 325, 000 reservations in the first week of taking deposits, thus implying about 14 billion dollars in future sales. This early marketing success even made Elon Musk be overly ambitious in the automaker’s future production plan. However, Tesla is not going to be a single player on this front, as General Motors is ready to deploy a mass-market 200-mile-ranged electric car: Chevy Bolt.

While GM’s green model will definitely not spark a sales-enthusiasm similar to Tesla’s Model 3, some voices within the industry predict for Chevrolet a solid future ahead. According to Karl Brauer, an analyst from Kelley Blue Book, Bolt could hit up to 80,000 units in sales during its first year of availability, while on the low side he sees no less than 30,000 units.

Even if Chevrolet is not going to match Tesla’s figures, GM’s brand has a clear advantage, as Bolt is soon entering into production, with sales setting to begin later this year. On the other hand, the enthusiastic customers who are ordering the Model 3 will probably have to wait until 2018 to touch their dream car. Nevertheless, the future of the accessible high-tech electric models is announcing to be an exciting one, as many other automakers – such as Ford – are expected to enter into this green battle.

Via Autoblog


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