Chevrolet Crashes Into the GM Headquarters Door image

June 3rd, a man in a Chevrolet Monte Carlo intentionally drove into GM’s Detroit headquarters, destroying the revolving doors and some panes of glass.

This vehicular assault happened in quite weird circumstances and has nothing to do with the man being angry at GM. The 26-year-old driver was trying to turn his car in the circular driveway in front of the GM’s headquarters and accidentally hit the building causing a crack in the tall glass pane next to the door. The damage was minor and the security guard told the driver to wait for the police to file a report. While waiting the driver was getting visibly nervous and so the guard asked him to move the car farther off to the side. At that moment the man told that if he was going to jail for this accident, at least drive right through it. Well that’s a weird way of getting a criminal record.

“The car was already parked there, like weirdly, and the next thing you know the car just smashes into the front of the Renaissance Center, the front door,” said Carl Kyos, a witness.