Chevrolet debuts its Manchester United sponsorship in the US image

General Motors decided that a shirt sponsorship deal for the next seven years with England’s Manchester United is well worth $559 million, as the mainstream global brand – Chevrolet – vies worldwide recognition through football (soccer).

Some experts criticized a deal that would see the automaker throw so much money to a club in a region where the Chevrolet brand will cease to exist – but the brand looked undeterred as they debuted their global football marketing campaign last night in the US. In front of a crowd of 86,432 fans inside the Los Angeles’ Rose Bowl, Manchester United hammered down LA Galaxy with a swift 7-0.

“We’re buying into the brand,” said Tim Mahoney, Chevrolet’s marketing boss. “Any great brand has a whole history and a heritage behind it. We’re in it for the long haul.”

United’s estimated fan base of 659 million global fans is adamant to the brand, especially as many of them come from China, a market where General Motors lost leadership position to Volkswagen after many successful years. Kicking off its home season on August 16, the Old Trafford Premier League home opener will find the company displaying its partnership in a global ad campaign, including ads in English and Mandarin at the stadium.

Via Reuters