Chevrolet focused on China market image

Chevrolet is set to continue growing around the globe and has recently set its mind on China, where next year will celebrate 10 years of sales.

Chief Marketing Officer for Global Chevrolet, Tim Mahoney, said the brand sold almost 5 million cars last year. While 10 years ago, 2/3 of the Chevy sales were in the United States market, by the end of 2013, two-thirds of the automaker sales were actually outside the United States. Chevrolet sells its cars in 140 countries.
Mahoney said that by 2022, 35 million cars will be sold annually in China, which is considered to be in a few years the biggest sales market for the auto industry.

Last year, Chevrolet sold close to 1.95 million cars in the U.S. scoring a 5.2% increase in its sales, having China as its second-largest selling market. GM sold in China last year 652,077 vehicles, up 4% since 2012.
The first half of 2014 was good for Chevy sales in China, registering a rise of 4.2%. Mahoney stated that GM will market Chevrolet in China through Manchester United soccer sponsorships advertising their logos on the team’s jerseys and other possible sponsorships, such as one with Shanghai Disney Resort, programmed to open in 2015.

By Gabriela Florea