Chevrolet gambling on five cities to improve worldwide sales image

Chevrolet’s future is closely tied to five key global cities, GM vice president Joel Ewanick told the Detroit Free Press.

If Chevrolet can drastically increase its sales in Frankfurt, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco, it will be on the way to achieve global success. Which of course would mean that General Motors would be in the strongest position it’s been in a long time, as Chevrolet accounts for more than 60 percent of GM’s global sales.

The key cities for Chevrolet represent a mix of the brand’s old and new markets, but they are all located in regions where Chevrolet is weak. “We need to do better in these cities. If we sell well in them, we’ll sell well in their surrounding areas,” Ewanick told the Detroit Free Press.

In the last five years, Chevrolet has developed a single coherent model line, with the next challenge being to create a brand image that works all over the world. If Chevrolet’s market share in California, dominated by Japanese automakers, equaled its sales in the rest of the country, the brand would be a powerhouse. The same applies to Rio de Janeiro and Guangzhou, with Chevrolet having a strong position in the rest of China and Brazil.