Chevrolet Malibu Hits the Chinese Market image

The Chevrolet Malibu has been given a lot of attention beginning last year at multiple auto shows in China including the Shanghai and Guangzhou Auto Shows, and also by the Chinese press. Considered a hotly anticipated car for 2012, the mid-size sedan has already hit other world markets such as Korea and the USA, the Chinese launch being set for February 2012.

Although Malibu is largely based on the Buick Regal, one can see clearly the differences between the two, the model undergoing considerable changes to make it unique to the Chevrolet brand. The company prepared for the Chinese consumers the 1.6T, 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engines.

For the next few months the car is expected to reach sales of over 10,000 units per month and 15,000 per month within the next year. These predictions are made taking into consideration the car’s low price for this good looking vehicle.

Pricing for the Malibu is as follows:
• 2.0l Classic – 162,000 CNY
• 2.0L Standard – 169,000 CNY
• 2.0L Luxury – 179,000 CNY
• 2.4L Luxury – 199,000 CNY
• 2.4L Flagship – 229,000 CNY (1 USD = 6.30 CNY)

Malibu does have some serious competition, the Nissan, Toyota and Honda, each with its own mid-size sedan in the market for some time, Camry, Accord and Teana, but with higher prices.