Chevrolet Spark Minicar the Fastest-Selling Car in July image

After GM’s flagship Cadillac XTS sedan was named the fastest-selling car in June, for July it was another GM product, the Chevrolet Spark minicar.

The study is made by and it analyses the number of days a vehicle stays at the dealership before it is sold. The Chevrolet Spark lasted only 4 days before it was sold and the XTS, which is now no.5 from being no.1 in June, spent 14 days. Analysts believe that it is normal for a South Korean built car to be sold so quickly, since the production cannot keep up with the increasing demand.

GM has been selling the Chevrolet Spark in many markets, but this is the first time it is sold in North America. In less than a month, Chevy sold 1,260 Sparks in July, compared to 1,271 Toyota Yaris models. The Chevrolet Sonic, which has been on sales since the beginning of the year, sold 6,278 units in July.

Another model which entered the top fastest-selling cars in July is the Dodge Dart, which went into production in June at the Belvidere plant in Illinois, and averaged only 14 days-to-turn.