Chevrolet to bring back to life the Cavalier nameplate in China image

Following an eleven-year retirement period, the US automaker has decided the Cavalier nameplate needs to be taken out for a spin, adorning a new model exclusive to the Chinese market.

Not long ago Ford also brought back to life a well known name – the Escort – also for exclusive use in China. Now Chevrolet is doing the same with a moniker that is set to evoke numerous fond memories for American readers. While exclusive to the Chinese market, the largest in the world, the styling of the new Cavalier is very much American in a bid to attract the Chinese fans and also looks like a more basic Cruze. The looks are also supported by the planned positioning below the latter as the Cavalier is 4.5 inches shorter, with a 3.9-inch narrower wheelbase.

The US brand will offer the Cavalier with a naturally-aspirated 1.5-liter engine packing 107 horsepower and linked to a six-speed manual or an optional automatic transmission. The basic models will use 15-inch wheels and the more upscale models will make use of bigger 16-inch alloys.

The cavalier bodes well with the latest trend by automakers to come up with models exclusive for the immense China market, and since small sedans are still selling well there it’s no wonder the Cavalier is there to bring a piece of the pie back to Chevrolet. The new Cavalier most likely makes use of an inexpensive, older platform so the R&D check was not too heavy and it will reach dealerships during the latter part of the year, pitted directly against the Escort.

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