Chevrolet wants to be one of those brands that matter image

Chevrolet, the mass-market unit of General Motors, the largest US automaker and the third biggest in the world, seeks to rekindle itself as one of those brands that have an impact on consumers – you know, the likes of Apple, Disney, or Tesla.

The mass-market brand of GM is well known for the honored Corvette sports car, but other than that its most known feature is that it’s America’s bread-and-butter auto brand. The catch is that somewhere in the world a new Chevrolet is sold every seven seconds – making it the world’s fourth largest brand on the planet. But such statistics are not truly aspirational, or even inspirational – though GM’s new management forces believe these factors need to be addressed. So Chevy is now out to prove you that when buying a Chevy you’re not merely purchasing a car, but a high tech cutting edge product that could extensively transform the experience of buying and owning one. “Find New Roads is our absolute commitment to lead and not follow,” said Alan Batey, global Chevrolet brand chief and GM executive vice president and president of North America, talking about the rather vague tagline of the bow-tie brand.

Naturally, at the roots of the all-encompassing initiative to convince buyers the brand’s models, tech innovations and customer experience can be as impressive as those offered by Apple and others, sits the formidable offensive of new models. We’re being treated to a new Camaro – both coupe and convertible – but also to reiterations of very successful models, the Malibu and Cruze. And the self proclaimed rebirth will not just feature completely new products, but also updated facilities, a focus on customer service and the reach towards transformative marketing.

Via Forbes